Sunday, 23 September 2012

Salsa Fargo; Alive and Kicking...

I have been wanting a bike that is as strong as my Surly Karate Monkey 29er ridged mountain bike but also as comfortable and practical on the road with drop handlebars as the old Dawes Super Galaxy i sold this summer but i also wanted disc brakes and MTB parts like Hope hubs and a MTB drive chain.
Something inbetween these two bikes would be perfect o ride daily to work, the shops, then a wee micro adventure day trip at weekends.

When Salsa brought out the Fargo four years ago it looked ideal, when the Mk 2 was released i was delayed by the Moonlander announcement and again i was absorbed by the `fat side`... -:)
Finally i saved up and built a Fargo over the summer months.
Already i love riding this bike and it ticks all the boxes.

I did 77 miles on the Salsa Fargo on Saturday.
What a lovely bike to ride.
It eats up the miles on country roads and unmaintained roads, riding off road on easy trails on the drop bars is good fun.

The ride report posts and films of riding this bike opens another avenue of the blog where i will be posting more places of historic interest visited and scenic views from the saddle as i ride the country roads and byways around our wee county of East Lothian through the seasons, with the odd day further afield ...

Been 595 views of this film in the first 24 hours since uploaded on youtube, seems a lot of interest in drop bar 29ers -:)
Click on the cog icon to select to view in HD

Song is `Give it Away` by Zero7...


  1. damn you !, I'm trying to hold out for a Krampus but that vid has got me thinking :-)

  2. Now the production Krampus chainstay cast pictures show more tyre clearance it looks a better design for a funbike. I decided to stick with my 47mm rim Karate Monkey and build this bike as a daily do it all bike and love it!

    How about fitting Rabbit hole rims on your KM Steve?

  3. That's a great looking bike, you stopped grinning yet?

  4. Good to see it finished Bruce, really like that frame.

  5. Still grinning Ped -:)

    Gav; suprised by the interest in drop bar 29ers with the views of the film already and interest on a couple of forums and facebook. film got over 100 views in 3 hours

    Funny that the basic concept of this bike is a modern version of what people were offroading since the 1950s, despite all the latest titanium and carbon suspension bicycles available today...

    Maybe xc and road bicyles have come full circle with modern geometery and brakes/gears -:)

  6. What a great bike. I'm still riding the Dawes Super Galaxy and as I've had it for nearly 20 years I'm loath to get rid of it as its so comfy and has been modified to suit me. I can see the attraction of the Surly though and if the day comes when I say goodbye to the Dawes something like the Surly would appeal to me.

    Great film too. Cheers

  7. well, I hope that you are pleased with yourself !

    Tim at Sideways has done me a killer deal on a 2011 Fargo complete, and after the year I've had so far this year I basically thought sod it, you only live once

    So, when I next head your way we'll have to do some exploring off beach as well as beaching:-)

  8. Good news Steve! -:)
    This bike was also my treat after a hard year with work, the weather, and other stuff,
    Enjoy your new bike!

  9. Conrats on the new bike, looks great! Especially those white rims with the Hope hubs. The video reminds me when I built my 9:ZERO:7. Building bikes and the first ride is always exciting!

  10. Thanks Toni, I am loving this bike!, looking forward to fun trips near and far in the future!