Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday Beach ride...

Been over a month since i have cycled along the coast from Gullane to North Berwick.
Bad cough, bad weather and garden alterations have got in the way of pugsley fun on my favourite stretch of East Lothian coastline.
A group ride invite was sent to the posse as been a while but evryone was busy with stuff and only Andy could make it on his Salsa Mukluk.
A few pics along the way...

We met some friends of Mary and Peter who have a lovely wee Vizla puppy called `Harris`...

Chillin on the coast... never found a sofa chair washed up before...

At Marine a Villa was a young Guillimot , it seemed injured or tierd, still too young to fly...

Injured Salsa Mukluk fat bike mech anger needed a tweak after a tunble on greasy rocks...

There was Skiff racing at North Berwick, our friend Trav was rowing for Cockenzie...

A chip roll and iron bru hit the spot while sat watching. Then a ride along the John Muir Way back to Gullane for amazing Ice cream
A nice half days ride...


  1. Seems like fun. Close to the injured or exhausted bird. Pity you didn't take a close up.

    Makes me wish I wasn't working today - well I say working but my client won't get out of bed.


  2. Can I have my sofa back? lol

  3. How cool is that?! Harris is on your blog :-)
    Nice to meet you and the fat bikes at the weekend. Think I saw you later that day on the prom at Musselburgh. Don't think you recognised me though as I was running and was sans vizsla puppy. Til the next time!

  4. Nice to meet you and Harris! -:)

    Not me a Mussie later but prob no the owner!, around 20 fat bikes in Mid/East Lothian now

    See you on the coast again soon with Harris -:)