Thursday, 5 August 2010

Midweek trailride; TBC rideout,Pentlands...

once again another great evenings ride with the gang on Edinburghs Pentland hills,
again Rob led a great route and once again was treated to some new trails,was a good one this...hence not many pics as enjoying the ride,finished with a beer at The Bike Chain owner Mark`s new house,this night spent with friends on great trails sums up why i love riding bikes offroad...will be tired at work tomorrow but feel vey satisfied...
some pics...

an other album from the evenings ride are here on flickr
and read the STW thread here and will give you some idea of what a forum ride and new friendships are all about...oh and what i did with the car keys tonight! lol


  1. Lovely light with the setting sun.

  2. Ok, not so many pics but the ones posted looks sweet!