Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Coldest Commute yet....

It was -10C at 6.45am out front of the house Tuesday as i left for work,
Roads frozen solid, again the surly Pugsley was in its element,
Could really feel the cold on exposed skin around my eye`s and cheeks,
It was -12 -14 up at work...everything was covered in frost,
Had to use the blow torch to get the shed door open at work,
Got the John Deere Gator stuck not using the usual packed track through the course,
the snow has got deeper to get through as it is now powdery with the cold air,
Gritting done then the sun came up and it was glorious,

Rode home midday and it was only -3C,
The views were amazing,no wind,everything frozen...

Only the sound of Geese overhead...

A slight thaw during the day is forecast for the weekend but cant see the snow shifting in a hurry...
So a few more days spent like this...


  1. Bruce,
    Nice to see ya getting some cold to ride the Pug in!! Coldest here in northern Mn. This winter has been -10F. Soon to be much colder than that. Nothing like a good -40 morning to wake one up!!! Lol
    The Fat tires sure do make a racket when it's that cold out. Almost as much as crunching leaves in the fall!! :)
    Stay warm man!!

    Peace, Joe

  2. Hey Joe!. last years winter was amazing...
    to get this again and so early is unbelievable!
    im lovin it!

  3. A great video!! but ......Brrrrrrrrrrr !!!
    Here, all the snow is gone. No more cool friends on the beach.

  4. Great photos and super video. Glad your enjoying the weather up there. Seems that both you and the Pugsley are in your element.

  5. Tommy i will post you some...theres plenty spare -:)
    Trevor i am loving this weather!,but it caused alot of chaos and headaches for many though!

  6. I live just down the road from joboo, so we've got the same weather, except I'm a little warmer by the big lake.

    Sunshine and -10C is what I would describe as just about the perfect Pugsley weather. The snow is no longer wet, but nice and firm. And -10 feels a heck of a lot warmer than -30C that we'll get later in the winter.


  7. I liked the video. The weather seems nice too, better than our current grey weather.