Friday, 10 December 2010

Thawing as forcast...

Good old Scottish weather ...
You can predict it but it does what it wants and you cant stop it...
And Friday (today) has seen a big thaw (as forcasted) set in and the snow has been melting like crazy here on the coast,
Down at North Berwick a foot of snow has dissapeared in 24 hours,
Its the weekend and there really isnt anywhere to go mountainbiking unless your lucky enough to own a bike for riding on the beach...
Clear twice a day to ride whatever the weather...its where im heading...
With a weekend off im spending each day on the coast cycling...
after a sunset like this who knows whats next from mother nature...

forcast for end of next week is more snow -:)


  1. Enjoy your cycling on the coast this weekend.

  2. Red sky at night, shepherd's delight,
    Red sky in morning, shepherds warning.

    Or as we say in Dutch

    Avondrood, morgen mooi weer aan bood,
    Ochtendrood, vanavond water in de sloot.

  3. 150-200 miles to our south they are getting almost a foot of snow. Here we're getting an inch or two, and then the cold will hit!! -40F to -50F with the wind, actual air temp will be -10 to -20.
    Monday morning the air temp is supose to hit -40F, should make for a good ride to work!!
    Funny thing is it's not even officially winter yet??!!


  4. I still often think about selling up and moving get out the rut (outside of biking)
    Mn is an attraction with the good winters...
    i need sandy coastlines to ride too...
    a bit warmer summers than here then proper winters would be ace!,