Friday, 7 October 2011

Magicshine MJ-872 1600 Lumens light,

After 2 friends buying this light i took the plunge and ordered one via Ebay and it arrived Thursday affy,
Now i have been a bit sceptical about buying one of these lights even though there claims of a lot of power, last winter there was a lot of bad press on forums about battery failures, however this has been addressed with new batteries from Germany,
There 1200 lumen light i saw last year on night rides was powerful, this one is 1600 for £85!,
Just like Superstar bicycle components here is a small firm producing something to compete with the big established companies, i was also wary about Superstar components last year after reading stuff but have to say that after using there flat pedals and brake pads i cant fault them,

Here on a Youtube video, saves myself explaining!, there is no hiding anything about the light, he even mentions the light can overheat (unlikely in Scotland!)...

I mounted the light onto the pugsley handlebar, i used some sticky back foam and with the O ring it did not move riding...

I wound the cord around the stem spacers then plugged it into the battery which i put in the Jandd frame bag where it should be protected too...

If you press the button on the battery an LED lights up for a few seconds indicating remaining battery power...

I thought the power indicator on the rear of the lamp would be irritating
but the light is so powerful in use it does not bother you at all...

The woods between the coast and home are a swamp this now and its been blowing a gale so i drove down to the car park and couldn't stop giggling at the power of the light, here a pic with the flash...

And one with no flash, the beam is a lot brighter in real life than the pics show...

6 years ago i bought the then new Hope HID stem mount light for £300, it was as powerful as the then £550 Lupine lights at around 3-400 lumen's, and it was quite awesome in power...
Today, 2011 for £85, check this!...

No need now to fit the Hope HID light, it will go on the commuter now, it has done some amount of riding hours, so hats off to it!,

I did some pruning back of branches on the `secret trail` and then did a few loops around the woods, riding nearly 1 1/2 hours with the light on full beam with no probs...

If the compact camera can film with this light then with 2 of these lights the Go Pro should work...


  1. Aye, the magic shines are pretty good eh? My one is the older light with the newer battery but when (if?) It dies I'm definitely upgrading to one of those!

  2. That's a pretty awesome light....I shall consider one of those for my touring bike...


  3. Im already decided im buying a second 872 for twin beam awesomeness for filming!, and maybe a cheaper one for commuting, im really impressed,

  4. Sounds good Bruce, really should get one as needing a light for the bike - it's getting dark quite early now... Where would you suggest keeping the battery if a frame bag was not an option?

  5. just wrap it under your top tube Gavin, you could buy the smaller battery which is smaller,

  6. er i said smaller twice but you know what i mean...-:)

  7. Cheers Bruce. Just watched the vid (which I probably should have done before asking) and see how it all fits together now. Was a tad confused with the first pic and all the cables... lol. Maybe I should just get a frame bag too. :)

  8. Awsome wee light eh? Really smooth beam with no hotspots. Extra batteries are cheap as chips too!

  9. motorman; There on a winner here with this light for the money!

  10. I was holdning a 872 in my hands this weekend but I got another 808 instead, the 872 had been nice but I couldn't justify the price when the 808 was only 1/3 of the cost!

    I have ane 808 on the helmet and the other on the handle bar, perfect now that it's pitch black in the woods before the snow arrives...

    Perhaps I order a third LED-lamp next year, who knows what's available by then?! =)

    Amazing how fast the LED technology has progressed!

  11. Im goin for a second 872 light for on the handlebars,
    And a UltraFire P10-R5 Cree XP-G R5 5-Mode 350-Lumen torch which i just ordered from DX for the helmet and i think that should be fine!