Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dakar 2012

Is underway!, no longer do you need to pay Sky TV to watch one of the most amazing scenic annual motor sport events but can watch it daily in HD for free on Youtube...

Since its move from Africa to South America the Dakar has continued to beam fantastic Helicopter filmed desert scenery images into our homes through the dark evenings of January where back to work after Xmas and the lack of festive decoration lights everything can seem a bit dull...

That is a dune!...

Even if you have no interest in desert motor sport tune in to see the fantastic desert scenery of Argentina, Chile and Peru ...

Stage 1;


  1. Awesome stuff, I never knew I could watch it on YouTube!

  2. I have just read your post on the Dawes Super Galaxy. I 'm now on my 2nd one and its the same as yours and also the changes are similar. You wont be disapointed. Its superbly confortable and its done '000s miles both here and abroad. A truly great bike.

  3. Hi dave, it is indeed a growing affection and makes my day at work better to enjoy it on the commute!, a classic for sure!