Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Cycling...

Cycling definitely goes well with mellow electronic music where the rhythmic spin of peddling seems to fall easily into sync with the beat. I mostly use this music as it also suits  film of the coast, from waves breaking, filming along a tide line of debris and wheels spinning across the sand and also to panning across bays.
There sometime earie offbeat sounds are great for Urban Exploration films too.
As well as  music by Phontaine and  Mogwai,  another band with a Scottish connections i love is the  electronic duo Boards of Canada ,
One of my favourite bands, i can lose myself for hours listening to there unique sound. there are loads of great fan made films of there music to watch on youtube and vimeo, some are very very well made and i will be posting some of these along with other favourite bands fan made movies in the future, as it is for myself all linked to coastal cycling and other interests i post on here.

Here is a fantastic fan film to some of  Boards of Canada`s song  `Happy Cycling`...

boards of canada "happy cycling" from charles andre on Vimeo.

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