Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How much (online) time?

There is so much to look at on line these days!, when i started my blog there were only about a half dozen (6) blogs which centred on regular reports of riding the Surly Pugsley fat bike, the reason this blog was started, now there are loads, of lots of other makes of fat bikes.
Go onto the usual source for fat bike info MTBR fat bike forum and it is full of folk. and now there is also another fat bike website; FAT-BIKE-COM to look at.
Go onto Facebook and there are about 4 or 5 fat bike pages you can post on with a pugsley, not to mention twitter and other sites which i do not use,
Then there are the other related interests i blog about, East Lothian, Youtube films, music, urban exploration, WW2 stuff,  all there websites, group pages and blogs...
Where do you get the time to look at everything?,  the web sucks up too much free time, which is a shame as a lot of stuff is really good to look at.
The thing is i haven't looked in on , never mind commented on a lot of blogs for so long... so apologies to those who i used to frequent...
So i have decided to cut down on on line browsing, and Internet time, you won`t notice it on here, or the beach riding thread on MTBR as it will be business as usual -:), but i will be reading more of the old blogs again, as blogs are great, people do some great writing on them, and as i know by the viewing stats 95% of people do not comment on them, but the odd comment goes a long way to making you make the effort to write them,
esp if like myself you struggle big time with grammar, if i was a teenager they would have a scientific condition name for it -:)

So... after a year of starting it i am scrapping my second blog `No Through Road` as i just do not have the time to write it,  it takes a lot longer to write stuff than post pics with comments, and the stats show little viewings for the work as few comments, yet, a lot of friends comment on the same subjects on here, some friends have said that like myself they do not have the time to spend browsing the web for hours, and always forget to look in on there.
Do not worry its storeys will not be lost and i will still do the same sort of stuff but it will all be on here in one place. Starting with transferring its posts over here over a few weeks until its all here and labled so can be found easily.
Then i need to work on better grammar... -:)

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  1. I understand exactly where you are coming from! I too have slowed down on my own blogging and have put the time instead into other things I've felt I've neglected. I'm thinking that the pendalum MAY swing back a bit at sometime, but for now, I enjoy continuing to read blogs such as yours, and doing the odd post on my own, now and then! :) Happy Trails!