Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Perfect Beach Riding shoes!

At last i had some spare money for a pair of   Five Ten Canyoneer II shoes...

Blogger friend and fellow East Coast beach rider up in Moray  Motorman has been using a pair of these and gives great reviews of them. Designed for walking in canyons they are a `wet` shoe which gets around the big problem of getting wet feet beach riding while crossing estuaries. They are designed to let the water in and out...

Wearing a pair of either summer or winter Seal Skinz socks  depending on the temperature allows you to keep on trucking without freezing feet - or having a pair of soggy shoes on.
The Stealth rubber sole has the famous sticky compound which is needed for walking/carrying a bike over exposed slimy rocks...

And the mid sole is very firm for peddling, as firm as cycling specific shoes. I wore them on Saturday for a guided beach ride and they are perfect. Also the wrap around ankle cuff keeps sand out if wearing shorts.
After a ride you just hose them down with the insole removed and hang them up to dry, does not matter if  they have not dried before the next ride as wearing Seal Skinz socks.

I buy less and less cycling specific clothing these days and prefer to buy multi purpose clothing.
These shoes are a bit specific but once again i find non cycling gear better for beach riding, next up is wake boarding shorts to compliment them for wet crossings -:)


  1. Glad your liking them CK, I have had mine for a year now & although dirty, they are holding up really well & are like new tbh.
    I am also another who seeks out kit that is not tagged for cycling, you can usually find much better clothing solutions that way.

  2. They seem perfect for coastal riding MM,
    a cracking find!

  3. Hi Bruce
    Im still using my vibram five fingers for the beach riding and stand up paddle boarding but they are getting a little worn, and at only two mm thick are not the best for winter riding on the coast, so now i just use my surfing wet suit boot they are cheap at 25 quid and keep my feet warm and comfy.

  4. Lot of love for this post.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely blog post.