Sunday, 13 May 2012

Saturday Beachride...

Over 4 1/2 years ago i rode my then brand new week old Surly Pugsley out to the WW2 midget submarine wrecks in Aberlady Bay.
Having bought the first fat bike in Scotland it was probably the first fat bike to ride out here - though not the first bicycle as many including myself have ridden MTBs out, i did in the winter of 1987, it was and still is do able on a regular MTB but can be hard going in places.

Amazed at the bike on sand and how easy i got out to the Sub wrecks i knew this was for me...
This was 5 months before i started the blog but i did have a cheap low quality digital camera and i am glad i took these pics...

Well that old pugsley frameset has returned to the coast today and visited the subs again!.
It has become a bit of a tradition now with friends here in East Lothian when they get rolling on a fatbike to make the trip out here.
Saturday dawned clear with big fluffy clouds, after a few days of awful wet and cold weather this was great...

 Riding out from Gullane Hill i joined friends Jason and Eddie on their pugsley`s while i took the Moonlander...

Out across in the Bay at the subs was a lone fat biker, out their on his own with his own thoughts...
It was Mike, and now on his own fat bike.
Mike has took a year to build up my old pugsley frameset and he has done a nice job of it with the Porsche green paint and red parts, his grin from the ride out was a picture on its own...

Using the two 60 TPI sidewall `Endomorph` 3.7" tyres i gave him with the frameset it is proper old school!..

3 old Tiger Moth Bi planes flew over us when we were out in the Bay!...

Amazing blue sky and fluffy clouds today, with the tail breeze it was the perfect spring day on the coast...

A rumble from off shore and a tug came up the Forth towing a barge with huge steel cylinders, wonder what their for?...

After goofing around under Murder Hill dune and i rode down on the Moonlander we headed along Gullane beach. I got some wheelie practice in.
Its a beast to wheelie and a challenge once the front wheel stops spinning!...

We then met Peter and Mary and a friend out running on the coast. Jason and i met them near Marine Villa about a year ago and we are friends on Facebook. Peter makes some cool films, which i have been meaning to post on here and will in the future. check some of them out on Peter`s Vimeo Channel.

We rode on along freshwater Haven and down to North Berwick and the light was fantastic...

We were sitting outside the Fish & Chip shop when we heard this loud rumbling noise coming along St Andrews Street towards us. Never heard anything like it! sounded like a tank coming!,
"Its Ze Germans"  "The invasions begun!" i yelled and we were all laughing...

And then a boat was pushed around the corner by four guys! and they headed along Quality street towards the harbour. Two cast wheels underneath were making all the noise!, tourists just stopped and stared -:)
Great day out...

I shot some film with the SD Tachyon sports camera, still love its ease of use, and speed to edit footage for a quick film,
4:3 ratio is ideal if your just watching a film in the posted size on your PC.
So "do not adjust your television sets"  as they used to say -:)

Song is `Born to be Wasted` by 009 Sound System


  1. Looks like good times Bruce. So how many Pugs are cycling East Lothian now?

  2. The tug was towing parts for the new forth brig Bruce. Good blog.

  3. Great vid. Saw those Tiger Moths over Belsay in Northumberland on Saturday and wondered where they might be heading, looks like they were having a good day out too!

  4. Ped, i think including the hire bikes there are 22 pugsleys in East Lothian now!,

    Thanks Stanfree, makes sense, they were huge!

    Richard Elsdon; great to see them cruise over!

  5. Great vid and great soundtrack - another Brucie buy to add to my collection!

    See ya soon!

  6. "Its Ze Germans" ha ha ha

  7. Don tin helmets, sound the sirens!