Monday, 18 June 2012

BBC Coast - Aberlady Bay

If you watched BBC Coast light night "The Secret Life of Beaches"  you will have seen somewhere often visited by myself and friends and often featured on here - The WW2 midget sub wrecks...

I have already done an article on documented and local history of the XT Class Submarine Wrecks

Watching the amazing series of Coast it makes me wonder why so few people have an interest in coastal cycling here in the UK when you see just how much coastline there is in the UK with so much variety that is so unique.
The link below will take you direct to the Sub wrecks feature but you may want to watch the full hour programme as it features some great ariel views of some of the UK coast.

Not sure but hope this can be viewed by readers abroad

BBC Coast - The Secret Life of Beaches

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  1. Great episode featuring the Aberlady subs. I remember in pre-internet days trying to convince some old guys at work that there were two midget subs in Aberlady bay. They were not having it (until I took some photos that is). Must dig those photos out as the subs seem to be looking worse these days.