Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer high tides...

A new moon and a some very low/high tides here on the coast over the last few days.
Mid afternoon high tide at 5.8 meters left little room on the sand below the high tide line and a swell pushed in with with the recent North/ North Easterly wind meant a very wet porridge like sand to ride on...
So what to do when the tides and conditions are no good for a FatBike Tour?, go ride with your friends -:)

Filmed in 4:3 SD (standard definition)  with the Tachyon XC sports camera

Song is `Up in the Sky` by Oasis


  1. Beautiful places, super trip. I am greeting

  2. I've been looking on Chain Reaction for one of Andys Helmet coolers but cant find one. Any info on who makes them POC , Fox or 661. ? :D