Monday, 25 June 2012

Birthday ride...

Was 2 days early  on Saturday, A busy weekend with other stuff but managed a wee ride late Sat affy with friends Jason and Mike.
The heavy rain of last week broke to a howling gale - ideal for the windsurfers at Gullane beach.
After a wind assisted blast along the sands it was into the shelter of the miles of sandy trails through the woods and grassy dunes to the east of Gullane.
Topped of with amazing ice cream from Cools ice cream  in Gullane High Street. This is a new stop off for Gullane rides in the future. A family run shop by friend Trish the ice cream is amazing (esp the chocolate!) and there are rows of bottles of sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth...

I have split from doing FatBike Tours,  and will be continuing doing my own thing, riding with friends...

Thanks Mike for making a film from Saturday...


  1. Nice video by Mike! Nice to see the old bike side by side with the new one. Looks like you lads had a blast.
    Sorry to hear that you are no longer doing the tours....
    Where's good for camping down your neck of the woods? I have another 4 weeks home coming up & an empty diary, so I can see a fatpacking trip on the cards if the weather plays ball

  2. Will mail you some good spots MM!

  3. Happy birthday Old boy!!