Monday, 13 May 2013

A present from SURLY...

Tyler from SURLY Bikes emailed me last week to say thanks for a great weekend at FORTH FAT,
He and Eric  loved our coastal cycling and friendly friends i have, and thanked me for supporting SURLY Bikes with my blog and films and stuff and said `I`m sending you a present`...

Then a blog post appeared on the SURLY website by Tyler about his visit here to the UK with Eric;
Scotland, Fatbikes, Beer, Whiskey and the Skip and Gern Show
The blog stats have went off the scale since their link to here!

A box arrived from Pat at ISON UK today at Law Cycles...

I opened it and WOW!

A 29+ SURLY Rabbit Hole 3" Knard  offset wheel set from Tyler's Pugsley! ...
I am made up to say the least... -:)

Thanks Tyler  and SURLY -:)

Pumpkin orange rim strips look cool!, so i got some BMX grips in Dave's shop to match, think i will keep the Halloween theme going...

Pumpkin and grey  `KramPug` coming soon!  -:)

Looks like the old MK 1 Grey Pugsley will be rolling again after all, as a 29+ single speed,
I just need a few parts to build the old girl up...
Should be fun to ride with these wheels, rear wheel slotted in the frame tonight to show the clearance...

Will post up the build and first ride once all the parts are collected in the next few weeks...


  1. cool beans :-)

    What bits do you need ?, mail me a list and I'll send what I have

  2. Just need a headset, and 160mm BB7 calipers Steve, think i have everything else, Dave at Law cycles is getting me a SS freewheel,

  3. I'm away touring in Waes right now but when I get home at weekend I'll see what I have and let you know

  4. Good on you Surly for finally giving back to Bruce for all the free advertising he has provided through this excellent blog of his.

    He was one of the first to boldly show how a fatbike could be used in ways that didn't include snow.

    Correct if I'm wrong Bruce, but I believe you were the first Pugsley owner in Scotland and the first Moonlander owner in Scotland as well.

    Looking forward to the pictures of your Krampug.

  5. Wow! Congratulations. I know Tyler well. I used to wrench on his commuter rigs when he lived in town where I work in a shop before his gig at Surly. A top notch fellow, I'll say.

    And I've met Pat from ISON on a few occasions as well. Good people.

    Enjoy those wheels! I hope to get a set for my Mukluk soon.

  6. Happy Days Mary!

    Doug; The grey pug was indeed the first in Scotland, i was pipped to second by friend Rob in Avimore!

    Ted; The guys are indeed top fellowws,
    The wheels are going to open up another new experiance in cycling i am really looking forward too!

  7. Congrats! Enjoy your Knardly Pugs and let us know where the Rabbit Hole takes you! ;)

    safe riding,


  8. How cool is that!!!! Surly is a top notch company and you well deserve the gift.

    I can't wait to see this new single speed all built up ;-)


  9. Hey, that's great.

    I must admit I think a bike was deserved... But it sounds like you've effectively got a new bike with these super-cool wheels :)

  10. Cool, wee bro - a well deserved recognition from Surly. Looking forward to seeing that 'new' singlespeed!

  11. Looking forward to some ride impressions with the Knard and Rabbit holes.

    Good to see that Surly also recognizes your contribution to the fatbike world. I reckon you are responsible for quite a number of Pugsleys sold.