Friday, 10 May 2013

Some bikes for sale...

Selling some bikes to fund another progect... sold as priced- no offers, buyer collects...evening collection

1985ish Muddy Fox Courier, used often as commuter, mud gaurds, horseshoe lock, rack, side stand £100

1954 Raleigh Sports. original, sold in Edinburgh by Borthwick Cycles in Cockburn Street, same size as a small MTB, new tyres, nice pub bike... £100

1980s Peugot Triathlon, 54" frame, runner, new chain, pedals are here somewhere for it... £100

1930s Raleigh  Popular, runner, needs new rear tyre and rear part of chain case, new brake blocks are fitted  £100


  1. Mk1 Grey Pugsley has to get resurrected!

  2. I had a peugot race bike when i was younger, i can't remember which model, but it was well smart, i like the look of the saddle on the raleigh is that an old brooks?

  3. Hi Bruce

    How big is the Courier? Very tempted.



  4. Hi Sanny, its a large, some folk have shown an interest but no one has arranged to turn up yet! -:)