Thursday, 7 August 2014

Salsa Cycles `Bucksaw` full suspension Fatbike!

This is a Fatbike that is not what i need or want for the coast and all the salt water bike eating environment i ride my bikes in.
I i was buying a new Fatbike it would prob be a Surly ICT Ops and run 5" BFL`s on it`s 80mm rims,

But... be cool to ride this on the rocks exposed at low tide here on our coast at the lowest tides.

An area no one else rides a bicycle, well except some guy on a Moonlander ;)
Some friends are coming over for the weekend and with the moon nearing full size and tides getting lower again were heading out to the far rocks below Kilspindie and Tantallon over 2 days cycling to go where er no other bikes seem to go!,
One of these Bucksaws would prob be fun with the suspension offering even more grip on those rocks.
While i like my original first generation Surly Pugsleys and Moonlander for what i do and where i go, it will be cool to see where this concept takes fatbikes in the future...

A film by Salsa...

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