Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Capital Trail--2 day social trail ride June 13th/14th

Cycling calander for the summer is filling up...
April; a weekend bivi trip,
May; Forth Fat
And signed up for this event in June

Capital Trail

The inaugural ride will take place on 13/14 June 2015 as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Start is at 8am, finishing before it gets dark on Sunday would be a sensible idea, this will give you 40 hours to complete the route. After the inaugural ride riders can post an individual time to be added to the ride records list if they finish within 40 hours. Although the route doesn’t venture far from the city, the Capital Trail takes you through some very remote, but beautiful places. It features beaches, superb singletrack, Land Rover tracks, quiet roads, cycle paths and much more. The Capital Trail is designed to be ridden clockwise in two days with an overnight stop. There are plenty of good opportunities to sleep under the stars on the route, two bothies and bunkhouses, B&Bs and hotels. And the odd pub. Please make sure you respect the landowner’s properties, shut all gates, don’t leave any rubbish and leave all livestock and wildlife undisturbed.
The route can be viewed and downloaded here. Please note, this is still subject to change at any time, but will give you a good indication what to expect. 6100m of climbing are as tasty and tough as Belgian beer, please make a good judgement if that’s within your skills. I have ridden everything myself, asked the locals and went back to find better trails where possible; the route is the very best Scotland’s South has got to offer. Apart from the odd hike and bike section it is mainly ridable. As this is not a race, there won’t be any prize money, maybe your mates buy you a beer if you make it over the finish line. It is, after all, a self-timed Individual Time Trial (ITT). All that will be provided is inspiration and a published list of completion times.
As this is a new event, we will be limiting entry to 100 riders. Along the route you might experience Scotland’s beautiful sunny blue skies and beautiful views over the Firth of Forth and might even spot England or the Highlands in the distance. But be aware, the weather here can change on a whim, and you are just as likely find yourself besieged by cold lashing rain and high winds (don’t say I haven’t warned you). In short, don’t attempt this ride unprepared, this is not something for first time mountain bikers. If taking part, I recommend that you approach this ride as an independent expedition, fully prepared for your own limitations and whatever nature may have in store for you. The rewards for that will be plenty.

My plan;
I`m doing it, not just because it is something i can afford to do at £15 to enter and a short drive to the start, But on a pure social thing, i am treating it as a trail ride at my own speed, pace and will prob skip the loops on the map around the trail centres and get the distance down to around 60 miles each day.
Thinking probably  riding from 8am to 9 pm on the Saturday with some breaks and  a pint mid affy, enjoy the views and get pics as usual.
Ride till around 9pm and then doss somewhere in the bivi or Hennessy Hammock,
On the Sunday i will see how i get on and short cut from the Pentlands if need be for a pint at the finish Pub.
I know most of the route looking at the proposed route map and really just need my OS map from Peebles to Pentlands to double check,
I don`t own a GPS (no need when a coastrider!) and really not too worried about stats and stuff to post up, Just going to enjoy it as a solo ride at my own pace and a social when i meet up with folks :)

I have posted this on forums and stuff but there seems to not be much interest by my friends, some who have bikepacking gear, folks this is on our doorstep!,
The mass start will soon spread out as the race snakes tear ahead on cross bikes and xc race bikes to go for the fastest time, that time is well safe from me!,
If you think the total distance is probably too long for you, as i feel it probably is for myself then you can do as i will no doubt do and leave out the loops to cut down the distance and enjoy the ride,
The entry money pays for a breakfast on the Saturday and the rest goes to Edinburgh`s Festival of Cycling,
Whats not to like? :)

My Bike choice?
Deft be on the 29+ Surly KramPug after my SUW ride last year, as it was ideal :)

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  1. Sounds a good plan and at least enjoy the ride and scenery. We're up you way on the 25th to 28 th June as there's a hockey festival at the Peffermill Sportsgrounds and our son is playing. I hope to get a trip over to North Bewick as its a few years since I have been there. The last time was when we stayed there as we rode the Coasts and Castles route from Whitley Bay and then the Reivers route. Beautiful country.