Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bike packed for Capital Trail Event; What i`m taking...

That`s the Surly Wednesday Fatbike packed ready for this weekends Capital Trail Event,  Only Dave from Skye is riding out the Fatbike gang i rode with last year, but a couple of other guys we road with are going and another couple of Fatbikes are entered so hopefully were similar pace and meet up.
For myself this is the second of 3 big social bike rides of the calender, the first is of course Forth Fat Gathering,  then the third is Global Fatbike Day in  December (Dec 6th this year)  our group ride meets at Gullane again this year,
So as last year were trail riding the Capital Trail event and being self sufficient  carrying some food  etc...
Happy to make a weekend out of it with a probable time of around 30 something hours,(33 hours last year),
Our plan this year is to try to get to Glentress Saturday evening, that`s a big distance off road at around 90 miles on a Fatbike!, be the longest distance i have rode off road in a day if we do it!,

I`m thinking if i`m gonna wake up stiff and tired on Sunday anyway so why not get the big push up Bleak Law over on the Saturday, although it does mean descending Kailzie Hill Drove road in the dark and it`s quite rutted but sure we will survive ok!,
As mentioned like last year were carrying a Saturday evening meal and Sunday morning breakfast.
With the available shops to stop for food we could ride as many do without a stove or carry any meals, but what if say due to a mechanical we don`t make Glentress before the shops etc close?,
Well that is ok as we can heat up our meals and have a coffee,
This year i have packed a lot lighter, Dave is carrying tools, i the stove, i also have lighter food, and clothes.
With night temperatures dropping i have decided to pack the bigger 3 season sleeping bag as i want to get a good nights sleep, makes Sunday`s return to Edinburgh more enjoyable.
So here is what`s on the bike, in my back pack and clothing choice for this year...

Seat Bag; Alpkit `Koala`  
Vango Helium 100  1kg Tent minus poles (there in frame bag,
Wrapped in a 3/4 Thermarest sleeping mat

Bar bag; Alpkit `Airlok Dual 20 Litre`...
10 year old Blacks 3 Season down sleeping bag

Original Epic Designs (now Revelate Designs) Frame bag  made for Mk1 Pugsley...

Lower compartment;
 Spare tube,
Stans sealant,
spare gear cable,
chain links,
Squirt lube,
multi tool,
lightweight lock,

Top compartment;
MSR `Pocket Rocket` stove,
Gas cylinder and tripod with Primus wind shield,
Alpkit Ti Mug with meal,
2 coffees,
Alpkit Ti Spork,
Tent poles,
Alpkit headtorch,
2 Magic Shine batteries  (charging when pics taken)...

Handlebar Pouches; Alpkit Stem Cell,  

2 packs ALDI Trail Mix...

Backpack; Alpkit `Gourdon` 20 Litre Waterproof  Backpack,
 Alpkit `Gravitis` lightweight breathable waterproof jacket,
Alpkit `Parallax`  lightweight waterproof trousers,
Alpkit `Filoment` down lightweight Gillet,
Woolie hat,
Instant Porridge,
Pack of Trail Mix,
4 ALDI  Flapjack bars,
Hip Flask,

Wearing if not wet/real cold...
Lazer Enduro helmet,  Go Pro Hero Session camera,
Howies Merino long sleeve top,
Surly short sleeve Merino top,
Alpkit Merino Boxer shorts with chamois,
Endura 3/4 shorts,
Merino socks,
Shimano spd (TIME pedals) MT81 Gore Tex boots,

So that should be a comfortable ride with everything i need with just water stops to Glentress on Saturday evening if all goes to plan. water is carried on the forks to keep the weight off my back, just light clothes and food in the backpack, so should be more comfortable, only one style on entire route so no problems with the weight on the bike-Unlike The Southern Upland Way!!!, don`t ask!,
Dave and i don`t own a GPS Garmin to map the route and so we will be riding on our memories from last years event, and my local knowledge of nearly all the route that i have rode in sections at some time or other-it`s the little joining tracks  between the major routes north of Peebles where the Garmins of riding friends were needed last year. We can always wait for folk or keep folk in front in sight if were unsure but i think i can remember the route ok, there is a couple of small changes to the route into Edinburgh but we won`t be alone by then or Markus who is sweeper this year with his brother (who is riding my Surly KramPug 29+) will have maybe caught us up by then anyway!,
The return to Edinburgh on the Sunday after a loop of GT on Sunday morning is enjoyable esp after a cooked breakfast at the Weatherspoons `Cross Keys` Hotel in Peebles town before riding north to stop for tea and cake at West Linton Old Toll Cafe, before the push up some of Monks rig in the Pentland Hills and down to Portobello and a well earned Pint!...

 Back on here hopefully next week!

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