Wednesday, 25 November 2009

day in the garage

spent most of today in the garage as rain fell horizontal outside,also uploaded photoshop as i want to try some editing of my pictures,see if i can improve them,im still all for using cheap cameras,
outside was awful,we even had hail at one point!,i picked the wrong week to be off work but nevermind...

heres some stuff that may save you some money,
nielson products are a company that mainly deal with the motortrade selling car cleaning products,they operate out of lorrys and visit customers monthly,alot of workplaces (like my work) tend to just buy traffic film remover soap(tfr) for there power washers and the odd other product like centre pull towel,loo roll etc..,
they sell lots of types of soaps for powerwashers and hand application,good news is they sell straight out the lorry to anyone and take cash(no account needed) and i have bought quite alot from them for a few years...

your litre bottle of muck off and the like is a non costic diluted cleaner in a litre applicator,this will cost you around £6 in bike shops,nielson do a non costic (pink in colour)cleaner called GENIE which is the same,you can buy a 5 litre container for £7.50- and thats undiluted! so if mixed diluted to 20:1 thats thats 25litres/5 gallons!,but it gets even cheaper... they sell 20 litre drums (tap scewtops available) for £24 (you get 5 litres free)... starting to make the bike trade products look very expensive aint it?, i have a 20 litre drum of GENIE noncostic for the MTBs and bought a 25 litre drum of the TFR soap TRANSPORT RAPIDE which i use in my PARK chain cleaning tool on the MTBs, and with hand applicators or power washer to wash my motorcycle, the rapide tfr is clear in colour,

both can be used diluted or applied straight depending on whats to clean..., BE WARNED the costic trf if used straight on say MTB anodising would over time fade the anodising as its pretty strong stuff..
if you buy a 20 litre drum of genie non costic soap you will probably get a free hand applicator throwen in,i also bought a 5 litre container of there car wax shampoo,interior dash cleaner and glass cleaner years ago and still got loads left,there latex workshop disposable gloves are good and cheap too £4 a box (100) also airsol brake cleaner,release oil, and silicone spray, cans of sprays are £2!, thats a third cheaper than say silokolene prop prep silicone spray in motorcycle shops,i bought a massive tub of orange scented hand cleaner(like swar figa) that will probably last a life time-or until i get that army lightwieght landrover i really want!(tax exempt,bio diesel,galvanised chassis etc...)
ive also bought 5 litre containers for the house...,washing up liquid,liquid soap,floor cleaner,that blue stuff for the loo...airsol non static polish for the TV etc... you get the picture..,so next time you see a silver nielson lorry at a workplace or in a layby-its driver having his break go buy some stuff for your bikes..,remember with the ongoing recession esp in the motortrade you may get a good discount if you buy alot and wave some cash about,now just think of all that bike bling you can now justify to buy with money saved...

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