Thursday, 5 November 2009

midweek niterides are go

now im kinda healed up from my hip thumping 2 weeks ago im hoping to get back into the twice a week niteride now its dark early (5pm ish),now im going to start getting out more on the karate monkey 29er, with its maxxis advent tyres on now im still impressed at there road speed,tuesday i was out before dark at 4.30pm,with 2 new small items on the bike,a 2nd rear light and a quick release seat clamp...

fellow blogger redbikes had posted about a fab new rear LED light from raliegh,its called a `astrum` 2x0.5watt twin elements and is real bright if you look direct into it,mines at an angle so not to blinding if anyones behind,its got all the usual flashy disco functions and was £12.50.
and for all you fellow bike geeks heres a night film of it so you can see how bright it is!...

the plastic mount is a bit iffy so i have now just used a big cable tie around the seatpost,
also fitted a cove QR seat clamp because sometimes i will want to drop my seat down on the odd descent,
i rode my local xc route as i call it,about 23 miles,has a 1 mile of road then climbs up the garlton hills ridgeroad,quite tough into a strong wind and cold legs so i dont mind stopping a few times for some pics...

with clearing skys the full moon rose behind,also great to watch...

i need too read the CD manual for my cannon compact and work out how to use it on manual setting so i can turn the flash off and take i hope-long exposure pics behind the bikes lights as this now i just get a flash image of whats up close, like this...

and this...

its a pity the tachyon cameras wont film behind HID lights,it would have been nice to film or take pictures of the moonlight shining on the river tyne or even a pic overlooking the local small town at night, but hopefully i can get the compact camera to take something decent at night this winter, technology is definitely getting cheaper!


  1. They have a Wednesday night ride at our local forest but I've never been able to go as I work to 10pm. It sounds like a lot of fun, I've never ridden off-road in the dark.

  2. Glad you like the light.

    I doubt it will stop SMIDSY incidents but anything that helps is a bonus.

  3. antoine-niteriding is great fun!,usual trails take on a whole diffrent apperance onc dark,

    redbike-yes great light!,i thought 2 lights now would be a bit safer on the roads