Friday, 20 November 2009

staying comfy on the trail...,

heres what im wearing riding offroad this now in temperatures of 12 to -3 degrees Celsius...,

this is THE BEST top ive ever owned.., its a north face `apex` soft shell top and as long as under about 15 degrees Celsius it is the most versatile top ive owned,its only shower proof but seems to keep you warm in a wetsuit type of way...,unlike cotton you dont get a wind chill-to the bone..., it seems to keep your torso warm to the surrounding temperature,i can and will add a merino wool layer underneath if it gets really cold but most of the year except summer i wear this top be it on the pugsley or karate monkey 29er,
im am definitly not a lycra guy at all!..,fair enough if your a xc racer but im not..,i did enter a dualathlon once with my hill running big brother and did the bike ride and was 7th fastest out of 155 but racing isnt me..,i can turn on the heat if i want to but i like to cruise and chill...,and i wear shorts at trailparks and full lenght trousers (3/4 summer)locally and on the beach..,i discoverd edinburgh bike co-op acryllic boxers with liner and there nice and cool in summer to wear underneath shorts or trousers, like these-endura `singletrack` trousers,there light,have vents,and the crotch dosnt sag and catch your seat when in and out the saddle...,

if im on the pugsley im on flat pedals so its the `five ten` high tops or if its really wet the viking dry boots,on the 29er and full suss cannondale i ride clipped in so its the shimano MT90 goretex boots...
on my paws im wearing for local xc riding these gore gloves...,

there good as you can use cameras etc.., without removing them...,i wear thin cotton socks most of the year for cycling but come winter i wear sealskin light or medium socks which are enough for the conditions in southeast scotland...,
for work and on the trail i mostly use my now 3 year old giro `zen` helmet which lives in my airing cupboard drying out when not in use...,

it has been a good lid really now it owns me nothing..,
oh im on a weeks holiday now!,9 days including weekends, riding mostly local with a days filming down at glentress and a mini roadtrip to a remote beach on the north west coast...,

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