Tuesday, 17 November 2009

dry the rain

it was dry all day today despite an overcast sky and a cold gale that blew out by 5pm when i headed out for a nightride,skys were clear to the east and it was dark by 5pm too,iwent out for an hour and a half riding a 15 mile loop that is about 2/3rds offroad, i had been out about 10 minutes and a light drizzle came on as i rode through woods towards north berwick on the john muir way,it was slippy in places on the wet leaves,the rain got heavier as i rode into yellowcraig woods and up to dirlton to ride by road home,10 minutes from home the rain went off!, is that typical or what? after a dry day too!,i never though about my ipod getting wet but it seems ok,and i had a wee nip at yellowcraig out the hip flask!,

i dont really like whisky but will take a nip from a flask if offered (be rude not too!),gives me a shiver when i drink it but makes you giggle,i prefer slow gin preferably homemade by my nieghbour!,
im really liking the karate monkey 29er...

for those not cyclists reading this (hello facebook old school mates!) 29er refers to the wheels diameter of 29 inches instead of regular 26 inch wheels, after road miles to and from coast on the pugsley the monkey flys on tarmac,i read folk saying there a bit heavy but i dont notice at all,i average 12-16 mph road riding,little bit quicker than my hybrid for work,but i still cant get over how comfy it is despite being a ridged fork off road,do i want a rockshock sl fork with lockout for it?- yes
can i afford & justify £350 for a fork,same price i paid for the frameset?- no
i would rather buy surlys instigator frame for a glentress jump bike for the money or a 1x1 frameset for my commuter bike for a bit comfort-that old cannondale is solid!,anyway back to the nightride when it was pouring down one of the songs that came on was quite good timing,one of the best songs ever..by one of scotlands best bands...the beta band...


  1. I'm no connoisseur of Whisky either but it sure warms you up from the inside. I was looking at getting a Karate Monkey but went for the Pug as I live near many beaches. Both great frames.

  2. I'm still ithcing to get my hands on a Karate Monkey. I even bid on a 1x1 frame on ebay last week. My £100 bid wasn't even close to winning it though.