Sunday, 11 September 2011

Harvest robbery....and other stuff...

Been real busy at work with the wet and unsettled weather but a wee catch up...
This year we seem to have been robbed of Septembers lovely harvest sunset evenings of golden stubble fields covered in bales which cast long shadows, there has been a few nice evenings but on the whole often going out cycling in sunshine the sun has often then sunk behind a cloud bank an hour or so before dark,
Farmers desperate to get there harvest in are working any opportunity when it is dry enough in what has been a very wet last few weeks, soon as fields are cut there baled, lifted and then the fields are disc harrowed or even some ploughed,
The same thing that happened 2 years ago,
Combine and threatening sky's...

There are still quite a few fields to harvest (and bale) so hopefully we will get out and get those magic pics at sunset across the county,
Been some nice mornings cycling into work...

And been doing a bit metal detecting, returning to the harvested field from the former WW2 firing range near Yellowcraigs i found this lot the other evening...

More info on the firing range here; No Through Road blog

Last weekend i organised a xc rideout from Longniddry village with a loop out to Gullane Hill for friends on the Facebook East Lothian MTB page, an easy social ride with a cafe stop, 3 pugsleys turned out, all got tried out at a stop at the coast, lots of big grins...
a few pics...

Mike and Gary had there Go Pro camera`s and made nice wee films of the ride,
Thanks guys!,

Mikes film;

Garys film;

Got some bombproof wheels built for the 29er, some 47mm wide Kris Holm unicycle rims, Only in 36 hole, there double walled and drilled to reduce weight, there suprisingly light for there size and strenght at 780g each...

I had them laced with DT comp spokes and brass nipples to Hope Pro 2 evo hubs by friend and wheel builder bike mechcanic guru Jake, now i can swap over to a rigid fork for winter and as i can run tyres at a lot lower pressure and as with the pugsley it should be near impossible to pinch flat,

A 30 mile drive today took me over the county border into the Scottish Borders old region of Berwickshire to see something from WW2 (more on that later) and i rode some nice trails through the woods...

It was real muddy and running only 25 psi front, 26 psi rear made a big differance on grip and they could go lower easily,
caked in Berwickshire clay...

I tried a new helmet mount angle today but its too far back and you dont see the handle bars etc giving a bit of a remote view on the bike, but you can see some of the nice trails i rode for the first time...and me having a wee `over the bars moment near the end`... -:)

Song is `Captain Coull`s Parrot` by Peatbog Faries


  1. It must have been a week for going over the bars eh? That trail looks good fun!

  2. Two wee harmless offs in a month for me Mike!, we should have a day riding over there when its frosty this winter as it is a wet wood, or we could take the pugsleys for minimum erosion -:)

  3. I've got some Kris Holm 29er 47mm rims at the shop now getting laced up to some Alfine hubs (dynamo and IGH). I was just wondering, what did you use for rim-tape?


  4. Hi rob, i used Kris Holm rim tape, ordered with the rims, its available in a few colours too!