Thursday, 15 September 2011

They`re breeding again...

Taking a day off work to enjoy the tail end of Hurricane Katia which hit the UK on Monday evening, only loons would go out cycling in this...

Pugsley No 5 around here rolled onto the beach on Tuesday,
Dave got his bike last week and after a bit prepping it was time to hit the beach,

We rode out 2 miles to the tideline at Aberlady Bay then winched out in the lowest gears at around 4 MPH into the force 8-10 Gale, at times your were blown nearly 90 degrees
The bay was all shaped into large smooth craters from the previous days swell and in places smooth with sand blowing across...

Like i said, very windy...

Eventually we got out to near the Peffer Burn Estuary, had a breather and then the fun part, a tailwind assisted flat out blast across the 2 mile sand bar to Aberlady Point, we averaged 21 MPH on Jasons Endomondo though we topped out a lot faster as i ran out of gears in places!...
Riding through the blowing sand was kind of surreal, i wont forget this day for a while...

We just kept riding the 7 miles to North Berwick, was a few dog walkers out, that was it, and a couple of windsurfers...

Dave is very happy with his new pugsley...

Some film,

Songs are 633 Squadron theme, followed by `Data Italia` by Skatebard


  1. That first photo is brilliant!

  2. Amazing video!

    "There" or "They're breeding again"????

  3. They`re i think doug!,
    now changed!, thanks!
    I was nearly going to jack in blogging the other night after a private message with a whole load of corrections on my last NTR blog post!,

  4. Lol... sorry Bruce, I'll not point out the spelling stuff again as we can't have you jacking in the Blog - just give me your password and I'll sort them out without you even knowing (mild OCD kicking in) :)

    The sand blowing across the beach looks really cool in the video, never seen it picking up like that before. Aberlady Bay is great.

  5. Sorry, I'm not sure why I felt the need to correct your grammar. Lord knows mine isn't correct most of the time. My sincere apologies.

  6. Hey dont worry about it!, i dont worry i cant spill - i mean spell that well! -:)