Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A blog Challenge

My friend and fellow blogger Al, author of crivens jings and help ma blog has thrown down the gauntlet and nominated 'coastrider' to complete a challenge. Nominated blogs have to create a list of the following:

What's your most beautiful post.
What's been your most popular post.
What's been your most controversial post.
What's been your most helpful post.
Which posts success has surprised you most.
Which of your posts do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved.
Which post are you proudest of.

I also have to select five other blogs to take the challenge too, so I nominate the following five blogs to take part if they feel they would like to:

Friend and local Mike; mikeworld
Who writes it as it is, he swears far to much online but it kinda suits him so we will let him off with that!, Aswell as making ace wee films on his Go Pro he blogs about Motorbikes, cycling off road, food and drink, and behaving like a tit, in a nice way -:) he also has my old pugsley frameset and has seen the light and turned to the `fatside`.

My big Brother; Breathe in and out. Now repeat for as long as possible ,
The detail in his blog on wildlife is fascinating, i also like his posts on wild food, and like myself he likes signs,

Harri from Sweden; Obnoxiously yours,
His photos are amazing, look through his winter pics he has taken when out on his pugsley, breathtaking photography,

Doug from Duluth, Minnesota; MnBicycleCommuter ,
One of the first blogs i followed and one of the early pugsley owners,
Doug commutes by bicycle nearly every day, that includes through the severe winter conditions of Minnesota, his blog has won awards for its writing of his daily commute which never gets repetitive or boring to read, he also posts up summer camping trips, and reviews products,
Dougs blog is always an interesting read and he sets the standard on bike preparation,

Colin from Edinburgh; ScotRoutes
This is a new blog so Colin you wont have many stats yet, but Colin has written bike journeys around Scotland and beyond for a number of years on forums like STW, great writing, good pics and always interesting routes, if your interested in road touring then his blog is right up your street/ er route...

My List...
So here is my lot, Al says i can post a film or post on each answer,

What's your most beautiful post.
Tough call, i would have to go with a film i made this time last year, an amazing Autumn sunset, geese overhead, stunning evening...

What's been your most popular post.
According to the stats this post got 2,297 views; Cheviot Hills; MTBscotland forum ride it was linked to a STW featured epic route which we added a massive climb in/descent back from the Scotland side so maybe that created the interest, it was the first time i saw a `Red Squirrel crossing sign`, and the only time i have broke a chain in 24 years of riding mountainbikes!...

What's been your most controversial post.
I have never tried to be controversial, but i did say once how i like windfarms, and got a few negative replies, 3 years later from that post and i too see the non return in them as well as the ruination of a historic route in our local Lammermuir hills- part of The Herring Road, once a regular cycle for myself...
But i will post a thread on the pugsley, as i mentioned all the negative responses i got about the bike when i got it and tried to explain to people what i wanted it for,
so the controversy was aimed at me - if only its a small paragraph!;
Purple Haze

What's been your most helpful post.
A post i wrote which was also posted on the fatbike forum has received many thanks from folk inquiring about riding bikes on the coast and exposing them to the salt water conditions, i proved it can be done!,
Fatbike Preparation for Beach Riding...

Which posts success has surprised you most.
A film titled `Surly Pugsley` which was a compilation of previous films, it was featured in the Methow Vally Film fest in the USA, and a 3 min edited version was runner up in the first Tweed Love film fest in Scotland, it has had 16,244 views and 53 comments, 110 likes and 0 dislikes!...

Which of your posts do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved.
WW2 stuff about here in East Lothian often does not get a lot of comments,
War is a subject a lot of people do not want to read about,
It is a subject of great interest to myself, esp what went on in East Lothian,
I often wonder how many people drive, cycle or walk past a war memorial and ever stop and read the names of the people on them, people from our community who payed the ultimate sacrifice so we can be here today, living our lives in freedom...
If i had a time machine i would go back to June 1940 and watch the Spitfires based at RAF Drem fly around the county, Drem was on the front line of the Firth of Forth to intercept incoming German bomber raids from occupied Norway on Rosyth Docks and Glasgow, many of the pilots of the squadrons that passed through RAF Drem (on active R&R from the south coast) were battle of Britain pilots, many would not see the end of the war in 1945, many more were horrifically burned and mentally scarred for life, a huge price were paid by so few...
I spent a long time researching RAF Drem and its short but important history,
I have collected a lot of photos and even recordings of pilots who served there,
There are 20 war graves in Dirleton cemetery of airmen who were killed in tragic accidents while serving at Drem, but there are no memorials or information signs about the Fighter Station and its small community who served there at the now Fenton Barnes retail village,
You can read a post i wrote here; RAF Drem

Or skip and watch the film,
i used real pics and Battle of Britain survivours voice recordings, mixed with Historians and real BoB footage, the gun camera footage gives an insight of the intense air combat fighting of these young men, and the airfield pictures of them show just how young they were, just kids really, the film at Dirleton Cemetery at the end shows the young age of these pilots and that they came from all around the world to here to fight for us...
massive respect...

Which post are you proudest of.
I think this years summer holiday Roadtrip when i rode out to Faraid Head,
The biggest Sand dunes in the UK, it was 9pm when i arrived, no one was out there except myself on the penulsia, clear skys, big sun setting, it was howling a gale and sand was blowing off the top of the huge dunes, it was amazing, One dune took over a minute to reach the shoreline,
To date the best beachride yet, which is what i started the blog for, adventures on my Surly Pugsley...
Faraid Head...



  1. Well, surprised to see my name on the list. I'll have to give it a go. May take some thought to come up with all the posts.

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

  2. Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for all the time you took to rally to the challenge and all the pics and films you share.

  3. I like all of your posts, if its not the photo's its hearing about the history of the areas you ride in. If the history has information about the war, I think its great too. If people don't write about things, then certain parts of history are gone forever. I think you do your area and country proud.