Friday, 23 March 2012

Operation Bigfoot...

All pictures by Steve Makin

Its hard to keep your mouth shut about something your excited about or enjoy.
And it was for me to keep quiet about a great weekend beach riding here in East Lothian in mid January, as it was for an article for the UK Singletrack Magazine...

Despite the overcast Saturday for Steve and Jenn to take pics it was still a fantastic day, followed by a nice evening of pizza, beers, and a little whisky in front of the fire.
Sunday dawned a clear winters day and showed our friends old and new our coastline in its glory, bathed in winter sun.
That Sunday ride will always be remembered...

I think we take what we have for granted...

It was i know for myself an eye opener to watch professional photographers working, and i have to say it is nothing like going for a ride and taking a few pics with a cheapy compact camera for a blog!, but it was enjoyable ...

So as promised here is a link to Steve`s Flickr page of  some amazing pictures from the weekend he has been kind enough to share;  browse through here;
Operation Bigfoot


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  1. And the royal Highness of singlespeed is wearing lobstercloves??

  2. Thats Jane!, riding her Mukluk

  3. Another lady for the Tough Cookie contest!!!

  4. Both Jenn and Jane could kick all of our arses whenever they want, they just tolerate us men blathering on safe in the knowledge hat whenever they get fed up they can just ride away ;-)