Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vityaz ATV

If my lottery number comes up i won`t be buying a Ferrari, 
I`m getting one of these -:)

This is one of my all time favourite youtube films.
The ultimate off road vehicle, its a beast!,
Film also has a cracking soundtrack; `Trip Like i do`  by Crystal Method...

Developed since 1971 to 1985 the Russian Military Vityaz is the real deal. A proper go anywhere off road transporter. Land, water, mud or snow it can go anywhere...

More here...

There are in use throughout Russia, the Arctic and Antarctic. They are also used as transport vehicles for personal to service Oil pipelines and to transport Geologists and Scientists.
If you want to buy one here is a link to a PDF on models -:)


  1. I know very well this technique because my parents was geologists.
    Very often they took me to expeditions and your fotos of the Vityaz bring back my childhood memories.

  2. You can buy a second hand Hagglunds Bv 206 Personnel Carrier!!! with a bike carrier rack LOL

  3. Also nice is a former Special Forces Alvis Supacat 6x6 1600 MK II!!!

  4. macsimka i guessed you would know about the Vityaz!, awesome machine! -:)

    Needs to be the Vityaz Tommy!, never know when you may have to pull out a 70 ton tank! -:)

  5. Try to pull the Mk II Matilda part from the beach with the Moonlander!! LOL