Saturday, 31 August 2013

Woods Single track riding with friends...

Last Thursday i met up with friends for a ride around the excellent trails at Pencaitland
I took the Surly KramPug as i cannot get in enough riding on this bike, absolutely loving it!

Great riding with guys that are fit and handy on there bikes, makes for a good buzz out on the trails and as always we have a good laugh.

Guys who don`t waste there time on Internet forums talking cycling (some are banned from some forums anyway!), and couldn't care about the latest must have bikes or tyres,
They are out there riding when they have any spare time, and it shows when you ride with them as their smooth and quick riders.

A whole range of bikes too, fatbike, 29+, Cross bike, 6" full suss, 4" full suss, and a tiny hardtail all having a hoot on the trails with friends.
Laughing at jokes when your gasping for breath shooting between trees through single track is a blast, and i was buzzing the next morning at work after an ace evening out...

And a pint in the Winton afterwards...

I shot some chest cam film with the Go Pro, it got too dark by the time we reached the Kinchie trail, but there is always another ride for that...

click on the cog icon to view in HD
3 Songs are by Lester;  `Dance Wif Me` `Moonshine`  and `Sweethand`

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