Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Horse and bike Beachride...

Sunday morning i headed down to John Muir Park for a couple of hours riding the Moonlander around the Bay.
I joined friend Andy again on his Salsa Mukluk and also his wife Kat on her horse Orion...

The sun came out once we were around Spikey Point and riding down to Belhaven Bay was surreal with the sun and clouds reflecting on the wet sand.
Another lovely winters day on the east coast.
Again i filmed using the SD Tachyon XC camera. It does not have the picture quality of the (twice as expensive) HD Go Pro sports camera and is the older 4;3 ratio, but i love its old cini effect. I love its upload speed and ease of editing on my humble PC, a lot less time spent in the making,    fun films with cheap cameras is something i like, content is more important than quality...

Songs by Zero 7;  `Give it Away` and `When it Falls`


  1. I'd be bricking it around Orion! I'd feed him a sugar cube or a carrot then run away!

  2. CK, did you make you monopod or buy it?

  3. Bought a cheap telescopic monopod and add either a Go Pro seat post mount or the Tachyon tripod mount. You can see it in the 3rd picture ,