Thursday, 9 February 2012

Orange Factory

Better post this for non cyclist readers who will have not seen this as a good film,
Guy Martin, British Motorcycle racer goes to see the manufacture of Orange Bikes , built here in Britain...


  1. Hi, really like your blog :)

    I'm part of East Lothian cycling forum and we're trying to get a group of folk together who'd be interested in helping maintain the new path from Abbey Bridge to Hailes Castle. It's going to be hard work keeping it from getting overgrown, but I know you've used it and it could be a great path if it's looked after.

    If you (or any of the others who read this blog and are from the area) are interested in helping you can contact me at or get in touch with Duncan Priddle at ELC countryside dept.
    Thanks Elisa Smith

  2. Hi, will put the word out to everyone i know,