Monday, 6 February 2012

Moonlander pics...

Well Surly have moved the goal posts with this puppy as far as beach riding goes. The extra float from those big tyres and rims make riding soft sand a lot less effort.
The finish of the frame and paint is one of the best i have seen, in sunlight it is fantastic. I will post some first impressions of the bike soon.
Despite the bike being lighter than a Pugsley it is more effort to keep up with a Pug and a Mukluk on tarmac, but once onto the real soft sand it is ace and does that fat bike magic of defying  its weight and flying along will little effort...

I have made a few wee changes already -:)...

I tried to like and keep the Salsa 17 degree bars but there just not for me, finding the older size 25.4 mm diameter handlebars is getting harder. Jason came up trumps with some Carbon Eastons, Yep!, carbon bars on a fat bike!, why not?, anyway it should have some space age material on it -:), i also swapped the 100mm stem for a Hope 90mm stem i had spare...

70mm Tartan `Stewart` ribbon, matches the saddle, the Surly tape is underneath, rims were drilled to fit Schrader...

We need rocket fuel!,  powered by Glenmorangie, as it says on the bottle from `The vally of tranquility` where Apollo 11 landed...

`The Eagle has wings`...



  1. love the bike mate, the clown shoes look neat, i'm off for 7 days if you fancy going for a beach ride during the next week, give me a text if your up for it.

  2. It's a work of art! Congrats! The LEGO figures was icing on the cake! Lots and lots of exclamation marks!!! =)

  3. Wow, not in a million years did I ever think my Endomorphs on 65mm Large Marge rims would look narrow.

    It will be interesting to see how you use the Moonlander and the Pugsley. Will the ML become the go-to bike for most of your coast riding? Or will there still be a place for the Pugsley?

  4. Moonlander will mostly be used just for when using car to ge to the coast further afield, pugsley for when riding trails and /or road to the coast,
    each has its avantages! -:)

  5. –°ongradulations!
    I think it will be a new era in your fatriding, fatvideo, fatphotos... but I am very glad to hear that nice old Pug will continue to ride :-D