Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mid Lothian MTB Exploring...

Not done any regular Mountain biking for a while, just been riding on the coast.
So when friend Andy invited me on a group ride for an explore around a new area previously not ridden by us lot i jumped at the chance.
Andy has a very good skill of leading group rides exploring places, not an easy thing to do while keeping everyone happy, but that is also done by the company he keeps, all fun and friendly folk, hence it is often invited rides.
The pace then suits everyone, not to fast but not too slow, something very hard to get with 10 riders.
Andy also kept an eye on everyone and  cut the ride to suit every ones energy levels as the day went on.
He also makes amazing coffee -:) .
A fun day out on some lovely new trails, a bit greasy this now, they will be superb later in the year...

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