Monday, 27 February 2012

Vanishing Point - Trailer (1971)

Watched this again the other evening, a classic road movie from 1971.
It has it all, V8 cars, a funky soundtrack and a naked blond in the desert on a motorcycle...

As Kolwalski races across the desert of Utah and Nevada chased by police, at  KOW Radio the blind DJ  `Super Soul` keeps him one step ahead of road blocks in between playing some funky tunes...

The film ends as only a film like this can end...


  1. Mmmmm Not a really Police friendly movie!!!!

    Also, the naked blond is NOT wearing a helmet.

    And let me guess, she is not able to show any ID!!

    Why is life so hard sometimes? lol

  2. Its the USA, post Woodstock, freedom reigns... -:)