Monday, 7 September 2009

how to avoid trenchfoot

well it isnt that wet in scotland but we do get regular rain and anyone who`s up here and outdoors alot has alot of different waterproof footwhere,redbike commented on keeping dryfeet riding through this on satuardys ride and film;

i had bone dry toasty feet all day!,how?,well i had altura trousers on which have a long leg thats neat in that they split behind the boot 2" and with a adjustment strap give a good tight splashproof seal over the top of the boots,these trousers arnt 100% waterproof all day but underneath i had on the secret weapon;

british army goretex boot liners (high) these are the bizz,ive NEVER had wet feet with them,i got them about 10 years ago for motorcycle trailriding but havent used them for about 4 years until i got the pugsley,you also get a low version but they dont have a velcro wrap around the top;

though i may sow a velcro patch on them so i can use them in winter when just a bit wet-not flooding!

the socks are made of that real heavy goretex material like the camo army jackets are made of,i used to wear the short socks as slippers whencamping and sitting about cooking around the tent etc.i think the long socks were £25 and short socks £18 (£UK)
im a size UK 10.5 in boots so most size 11s are fine with these on with a thin pair of socks underneath
silvermanshave them in stock for £20 and will ship overseas,
so now you know why im always smiling in films as ive got toasty warm dry feet!


  1. I don't believe i'm seriously thinking of buying these. I hope they can compensate for my my shoes serious lack of waterproofness.

    Dry feet, here I come!

  2. oh there worth it!,as long as you have the shoe room!