Wednesday, 16 September 2009

pugsley floats!...

it was a lovely warm september day tuesday so straight home from work i changed and headed to the river tyne at hailes castle,sole purpose to film the pugsley floating,i filmed a bit riding down then setting up both cameras waded in with the pugsley,water wasnt cold ,leaving it to float for a couple of minutes,

all seamed fine as i new it would after a few weeks ago,the gas tank bag and top compartment of the frame bag filled up with water but didnt affect it floating,the lower compartment where the tools are stayed dry!,it was about 6 feet at deepest and in places could put down a reassuring foot,also down stream another 50 yards at the bridge its shallow so i wouldnt get into difficulty,but all was fine i went up stream a bit and waded in and jumped on!!

the bars and seat were under water and with the wheels out front it held my 14 stone weight fine!,i had no steering though so just bobbed along with the current
i reckon with my tent on the rear rack and sleeping bag and thermarest on the front rack all of which have drybags would even up the buoyancy and would work a treat,
heres the short film i made...


  1. The poor bike!

    I can't get anything with bearings in to last 5 mins on the MTB without floating it in a lake.

  2. You are mad! I hope that frame has a good coating of framesaver inside it.

  3. haha,yeah the frame was proofed,has a phil wood BB and all the hub,headset bearings are hope and are nearly a year old and had 1400 miles abuse so far!

  4. Yeah the phil wood gear stands up well. My fatback has survived some extensive punishment in both beach and desert terrain. Enjoy your fat-tyre adventures!

  5. hi russell,im impressed with the PW BB and hope hubs considering the water and saltwater this bike goes through...