Tuesday, 22 September 2009

trail clearing

remember way back (only 8 months ago) i made one of my first films down a local trail through a strip of woods off the local garlton hills its a good 2 minutes of good nice singletrack descent
and that happened..,well all summer this real nice bit of trail has constantly had stuff pulled across it including large logs-well no more!,cause i went out tonight on the hybrid and bob trailer...

so whats in the bob trailer?,the petrol chainsaw!!!,time to rebel..

also the local land owner hasnt bothered about the path either and has also used barbed wire to try and discourage people using this path claiming it was put up to stop illegal dumping..yeah right!!,next week im heading up again with a pair of lopers that cut branches up too an inch and will cut the trail back far enough to see down it and therefore can see anything pulled across the trail again in the future,,.thing is this trail is only 3 miles from my house and probably one of the best 2 minute sections of flowy singletrack in the county and the more some asshole trys and spoils it for cycling the more i will go up and do more removing stuff to deter them...cause time is something i have lots of spare for things like this...
heres a film i made chainsawing,some angry music too!,but now im peaced its sorted...


  1. So you're saying someone is deliberately blocking the trail to discourage its use? Is the land privately owned or is it one of those British things where the public is entitled to access?

    Good on you anyway. The soundtrack cracked me up and it looked like you took out your camera when you kicked that log.

  2. Good on you.

    Next you need to put up a big signpost advertising the fact it's a bridleway.

  3. ha ha Bicycle hooliganism!!!

    Now I also understand the use of the yellow ‘no waiting’ cone on the empty beach.

    But the can stop us cycling!!! ha ha

  4. the land belongs to a local farmer. the public are allowed to walk,cycle or horseride this or any other path like this in scotland, also access rivers and waterways for kyaking,pugsley boating etc..!!, i think its just some grumpy dog walker who dosnt like bikes using it,maybe he got a fright from a bike?,i dont bomb down it in summer when cant see far ahead..,yeah the music!,`chaos ad` by sepaltura!,though `anarchy in the uk` by the sex pistols would have suited too!!