Sunday, 13 September 2009

september long weekend

my dad has always said "miss the morning and you miss the day.." never a truer word said as ive been up at the crack of dawn the last 3 days,
yep im on a long weekend and i took it after i saw the forcast last week and for once they got it spot on and its been amazing weather,i was up at 5am friday as ive wanted to film a sunrise from the top of north berwick law for a while now,i dont have timelapse on my cannon camera so i set up the camera to film for an hour and a half then on vista movie maker i used the double time on `effects` and after about 12 times speeded up came up with this film...

the hour and a half went by quickly as i took loads of photos with my other powershot cannon A470,i have to say im impressed with the quality of pics from such cheap cameras (£59) maybe not brilliant but good enough,friends say buy a nikon N90 or simular but i dont want to have a £400 camera out where i am,and i like using a cheap camera anyway,oh and if your wondering why i didnt film myself descending the law its because i crawled down trying to not lock up the wheels with the semi slick tyres on hardpack grass wet with morning dew-not a good combination!!


  1. Yet again I think you've just inspired me. I'm not going to film a sunrise as I don't have a camera.
    I'm going to ride to the top of a BIG hill and watch it while cooking bacon and eggs on a camping stove for breakfast!

  2. i should of done that!,it was calm enough to use the stove,maybe take a bivvy to sit in as it was quite cold when i was up there despite only at 600 feet,