Wednesday, 30 September 2009

last night of summer?

1st of october already tomorrow!,clocks go back an hour in 3 weeks and its already dark by 7.30pm,but i love the arrival of autumn,i love every season as it comes,
tonight has to probably be one of the last short sleeve evenings,it promised to be a good sunset with the sky clearing to the west so i rode down to ride an out and back from yellowcraig along to gullane,i returned back along in the dark which is the first time ive ridden on the beach at night and will be doing it a lot more this winter,im one of the few folk that actually cycle more in winter than summer as i work shorter hours so have more sleep-more energy,both hope H.I.D lights are on the pugsley and karate monkey now full time,
i did a bit filming too but heres some pics to leave you of a favourite stretch of coast and once again a sunset that is as always unique...

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  1. Great Photo's

    Number 3 is the winner
    or is it?? number 1,2,8,9,or the last one ha ha