Friday, 2 October 2009

camera`s arrived at last!

there here!,been a long wait but just in time for autumn the editors kit which i won is finally here,there was a delay for the 3D software which i will have to upload then work out how to use if im making a 3D film- yes 3D!! got 6 pairs of glasses too,
mostly i will be using one of the 2 cameras on a helmet mount while the other will be on a gorrila pod tripod or other mounts on the bikes,ive got 2 of all types of mounts so can go mad on different angles,

i can also film in bad weather and underwater with them being waterproof so going to be fun,2 16g cards will each film 4 hours footage and i also got battery's,4 for the 2 remotes and 12 lithium's,the cameras take 2 each so that lot will last ages!

plenty to keep me busy..


  1. Awesome gear! Now I can ride vicariuously through you. Hope to see some cool video out of those toys.

  2. in busy sticking M3 snap velcro all over the 3 bikes and motorbike for some cool angles!,some will be underwater too!,will get over weekend and get some more antics on film!