Sunday, 6 September 2009

pugsley goes to the beach after the big flood

so with a clear sky,low tide 8.50am and more rain forcasted later in the day i headed for john muir park as i can ride there all offroad after a 1/4 mile of road from my house and the bay being the estuary there would be lots of wood and stuff washed down out the river tyne

this is the john muir trail which will take me to then along the river tyne to the bay there was still alot of standing water from the burn which had overflowed
look at the snails i assume were about the height the water had reached!

i ploughed through the water on the pugsley making a big bow wave!

this amount of water will take a while to drain away...

the john muir way turns onto this old road-now closed to public vehicles,its called `ware road` on old maps and was used in the past to cart seaweed off the beach for applying as a fertilizer on local farms

pugsley managed to break the farmers speedlimit!

down onto the sand and along the coast there was as expected alot of wood washed down...

and there was another police `no waiting` cone!

the bag of rubbish beside it was a gentleman picking up plastic and other rubbish off the beach,he does this voluntry-we should all do an odd day or half day lifting plastic off the beach,i stacked up a pile near gullane about 8 months ago and its still there!,
had`nt noticed this before,must have been the old shore banking now long gone,proberly was sea buckthorn,the tree with the orange berries...

i didnt take that many pics as i was mostly filming but there really is so much on any beach you could photograph,sometimes i just park up and soak up the views..

when you have an hour of film clips its hard to cut it all down into a maximum 10 minutes for youtube,im trying to make my films shorter and pack more in,keeps them more intresting,i try to imagine what someone who dosnt cycle see`s when they watch,-proberly that were all nuts!!,22 miles in 3 1/2 hours crammed into a 2 minute 30 second film...

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  1. I'm not sure how much use your gators will be when the waters that deep. Looks fun though!

    (Don't think I would be tempted in winter though).