Tuesday, 13 October 2009

birthday beachride

so in true style to celebrate having the pugsley a year i took it down the beach and gave it a good dunking in the sand and surf between aberlady and north berwick,
i didnt take many pics on the beachride

but i did stick the camera on my lid to film riding over the slimey rocks near yellowcraig below the caves just to show what these bikes can do,it took a few months riding the pug to get used to no suspension but on flat pedals it eats up stuff like this...

low tide being midday the beaches were busy too with folk out enjoying the crisp clear day,a strong wind meant there were a few kite boarders out at gullane too,
once i rode around the point and north berwick came into view something came into view about the mile away...,once i got closer i saw what it was...

once again i pulled out the camera and stuck it on to film..,handy cameras,esp with the snap velcro to quickly attach..there was an open day for the life boat and coastgaurd hence the arrival of the airsea rescue helicopter an impressive beast!

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