Tuesday, 20 October 2009

still rolling...

my hips still black and blue and real sore esp when i get up in the morning but im still cycling to work,dosnt seem sore sitting spinning,work was sore today sitting in a tractor it felt like constantly being thumped in the kidney but hey-ho could of been worse,talking of cycling to work i got the free winter catalogue through the door from edinburgh bicycle cooperative and it has a few writings in it about riding to work in winter,alot of the reading is all true-it aint as bad as you think cycling in to work in dark,wet,cold winter mornings,all a matter of being prepared for it,in clothing and bike,i actully love it,i prefer it to arriving soaked in sweat om a muggy august morning anyday,no flies or bugs either,also the sunrises are often better too,this now there up about 7.30-7.45am depending if a cloudline on the horizon,a common occurrence here but the perfect time for a sunrise pic or two,this morning i beat the sunrise...

but got some pics of my old tree and its usual gang of sqauky crows hanging out...

cycling to work really is one of the most healthy things you can do,more mentally than physically.you arrive at work with a buzz because you`ve exercised and opened your senses to your surroundings,the smells,scenery and adrenaline of exercise set you up for the day,alot of days at work im thinking all day just about the ride home,although only 3.2 miles its a big part of my day,work gets left behind as you peddle for home,even if its torrential rain,or blowing a gale..,bad weather dosnt bother me at all,i love to embrace all the seasons for what they offer,ive worked outdoors all my working life,now 22 years so although i dont want to do the same type of job forever it will always be outdoors related,and hopefully i can always commute by bicycle..,some birds arnt meant to be caged...


  1. I got my “Scottish” Endura MT500 jacket, so rain is not a problem when I cycle to work ha ha

  2. the endura stuff is the bizz tommy!,tried and tested in scottish weather so up for anything!!

  3. Just watch out for that winter morning ice - caught out a couple of time last year and roads & fast contact hurt bad.

  4. I couldn't agree more about cycling to work setting you up for the day. If I don't it takes two or three espressos to get my brain functioning.

    I start thinking about (and looking forward to) my ride home about 6.00pm and I don't finish till 10.00!