Friday, 23 October 2009

winter progect

tied up in my garage loft is a 1987 ish Peugeot triathlon bike that my big brother bought new and raced when at uni,

its a nice old bike,reynolds 501 tubing 700cc wheels and as was often done then the forks are chromed...

hes left it to me now and i fancy doing something with it over the winter to use the odd day as a high speed commuter,
ive already decided im not going to repaint it or cut any lugs of the frame,probably spend around £100 on it to keep it cheap,parts i will keep will be the nice sugino cranks...

and also the nice short stem...

so im thinking a pair of continental contact reflex 32 x 700 for a bit comfort and gravely backroads i often use,quil pedals with toe straps,singlespeed fixed,ive never owned a singlespeed since a bmx teenager but like the clean lines,
lastly a pair of on-one midge bars, think ive went over the £100 budget...


  1. Nice! You and I both have project Peugots for the winter. I came across a 60cm Peugot Sante for next to nothing. I haven't posted pictures yet (other than a teaser), but soon. I look forward to seeing how your progress goes, and I'll be posting mine also if you're interested.


  2. I'll be interested to see how this project progresses. Should be fun.

  3. the peugot is totally original but will be modified for present trends!,it rolls at it is, but i want to make it more to what i would want from a road bike which is a more comfortable ride with wider tyres and simple looks...,