Monday, 12 October 2009

getting a grip

new tyres arrived at last for the 29er,been waiting a month for them to come into stock,i got a set of maxxis ardents,

2.35 nice and fat for comfort,the tread is pretty much the same as there minion tyre which i have used on most of my bikes in different sizes and compounds and i like the grip/rolling/puncure resistance of them so these should be good for my riding through winter,
i love the spec waffle on tyre packaging,as if there trying to comfort you for shelling out £55 for a pair of pushbike tyres!

the halo twinrails 2.2s i have on have been brilliant and hardly worn in 600 miles,with only one (huge thorn) puncture aswell,they will go back on in 6 months time for next summer,

the ardents spread quite wide on the 37mm wide halo rims...

and there is loads of tyre clearance despite the 2.25 width...,50mm wide uno rims from speedway cycles and 2.5 WTB weirwolf tyres would be the way to go to achieve my aim of a bike thats half way between a pugsley and a regular mountainbike,,those wheels will have to wait till next year now..

i have the `monkey nut` dropout spacers fitted which came with the frame to help tyre clearace...

pumped up to 40psi to seat them i will probably run them around 30-35 psi,to get a bit comfort and `float`
i only realised tonight as the rear wheel has never been off since building the bike in april that i dont need to remove the rear caliper to get the back wheel out like on the pugsley where i remove the lower caliper mount bolt and pivot the avid mechanical caliper out the way,maybe its just the hope mono caliper is high cut at the rear,excellent brakes on the road aswell..

ready to roll for winter,with lights,knobbly tyres and mudgaurds...

oh the heathers are doing well behind in the garden too!!

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