Saturday, 3 October 2009

new camera`s 1st test

i got a half hour ride on the motorbike last night before dark to tryout the new camera`s,
good job too as today (satuarday) has dawned with sideways rain!!,its crazy out there,radio mountaineering forcast is 100+mph gusts above 3000ft and 4 degrees which will be below freezing with the windchill,thankfully down here in southern scotland its a bit warmer!
i used one of the 2 goggle mounts,it was secured even more by using 3m snaplock velcro under neath and on the helmet...

i had the camera mounted a little bit too low but now ive seen the footage ive just pulled the mount away and re snapped it on to angle the camera up a bit,
im really impressed with the quality,the remodelled cameras 90 degree lense is perfect compromise showing the riders arms and handlebars and also a decent view of scenery at a distance,as with my first tachyon xc camera the 2010 model dosnt pixelate badly hitting bumps etc or cutt off,the top and control buttons look the same but are easier to get to work,so theres been a bit tweaking there too,and the upload speed is far quicker-same as my compact cannon,the old xc camera took as long as the film ie 2 hours footage took 2 hours to upload,i split the films into two, the second film you will see the second camera which now has 3M snaplock velcro on it for different angles...

all 3 mountainbikes are covered in this stuff now!! so expect some goofy antics,esp on the pugsley!
heres the films..
part 1
part 2

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