Monday, 26 October 2009

cool tune

i was on itunes the other night,(an increasing habit!!) downloading tunes and i was looking for a band called `the brian johnstone massacre` and a song called `you`ve been disconnected`,like alot of new stuff i download on itunes i find it from watching some of the excellent mountainbike films of the last few years,probably the best have to be the collective`s 3 films and the earthed series although they mainly focus on the world cup downhill series there some great footage between the races of the riders just out riding and enjoying themselves,on earthed 4 the above mentioned track was used for a sequence filmed up on the isle of skye here in scotland,it is probably one of my favourite clips of all the 5 earthed films to date as its at a place ive been several times (walked not biked), the `old man of storr` a pinnicle of rock below momentous cliffs often shrouded in cloud and rain which adds to the amphitheatre of the place,
now the good bit...,somehow someone has managed to upload the scene onto good old youtube so sit back and enjoy a great song,some of scotlands finest scenery,and talented riders...enjoy...

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