Wednesday, 9 September 2020

EL MTB. #12 JMW - Hedderwick Bay Pt 1of 2

The John Muir Way follows Hedderwick Bay as it nears John Muir Park and its end in Dunbar Town,
nice single track follows a line of WW2 Coastal Crust Anti Tank defences built in 1940,
East Lothian has thousands of these blocks and these ones are well preserved and not been moved by tide or man, except one, sandy top soil blowing from the field when cultivated has grown grasses and flowers on most of the tops creating wee habitats...

How did this Tank block get across to here from the row I wonder?

Wee film, Song is `Alright` by Tycho

More soon...


  1. Wonderful to see all your adventures coastalkid! East Lothian is very dear to my heart, as a child I lived in Port Seton. I played on the WW2 blocks on the coast along to Aberlady Bay. The huge expanse of beach with the low tides is unique in East Lothian, miss this living in Australia. Your reference to bales of hay at sunset is special.

    1. Thanks for looking in on the blog, great to read your enjoying my postings, loads more to come, a lifetimes easily!