Saturday, 27 June 2009

frame bag

the epic designs frame bag is amazing

need to try it on the karate monkey to see if i can use it on long days,
i am really impressed with the quality fit and interior design
all my tools and bottles are covered and clean now which is good as i was having problems with my pump seal perishing with the salt on the beach,took pugsley to john muir beach today,really low tide and the river tyne is low with the dry weather so managed to ride across,was shallow but soft sand that you sank into if you didn't keep moving,i made a short film...


  1. The video was cool. Can you embed them in your blog posts?

    Some of the beaches I ride are comprised of broken shells, not sand, and I get a few cuts in the tyres. Not deep enough to puncture, but I try not to think about how much the replacements will cost!

    The oysters on rocks take their toll too.

  2. I've just found this blog. Absolutely love the Pug.

  3. Enjoyed reading about your trip to Holy Island and your tour on the pug. I'm rebuilding an 2001 Gary Fisher ht - no way I can fit fat tyres to it but I'll squeeze on as big a tyre as I can get and maybe my next build will be a pug. Keep posting your trips.