Thursday, 14 January 2010

snow all gone

thats the snow nearly disappeared in only 4 days here near the coast...luckily theres been an easterly breeze drying the meltwater but it has been raw cold out in the wind,back to cycling to work on the commuter bike it was a bit iffy on the icy patches after the pugsley,now the roads are covered in wet roadsalt..yeah they pile it on now the snows gone!!,bike will need a really good clean tomorrow night,
bit of a grim week weather wise- overcast,damp and cold...
still plenty snow up on the hills so head up there on pugsley Saturday...
i posted a slideshow of alot of the pics taken out in the snow...


  1. Nice!

    Notice you got the posting-videos-on-blog-problem sorted out. =)

  2. antoine; all gone here on coast but 2 feet deep 12 miles inland up on hills so some fun yet!,

    harri; yeah alistair gave instructions and now sorted!, easy really once you know!!!

  3. Go to to the hills and send and please, send me a new box of snow!! ha ha